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Growing Into Our Future

The Journey

Life Virginia Beach began in 2000 at the house of our senior Pastor, Ernie Devega.

Our Vision

Sunday Service


The church building will provide a space for worship, prayer, and fellowship. Our plan is to have classrooms for our children and a recreation area for our various ministries. The space will also be available to hold events and gatherings. After many years of not having a permanent home, our church will finally have a place to

take root and grow!




The church is more than a physical building. It can be utilized to serve God and His people. Our vision is to expand God's

word within our

church and community — leaving a legacy.



Outreach is a powerful way to share God’s love by serving people and sharing the gospel.  This includes mission work on college campuses, the military community, and to countries outside the USA. The future church building will be used to train individuals who are called for missions. The building will also be a place that would provide for those who are in need within our community. 


$2,000,000 IN THE 

Sunday Service
Sunday Service
Sunday Service
Sunday Service
Sunday Service
Sunday Service
Sunday Service

Your Giving Potential

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Be a Partner

Unable to join via PushPay? Be part of the campaign through cash/check.

Find the "Building Campaign" Table before/after service on Sundays.

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